It is an enhanced version of bgperf, a performance measurement tool for BGP implementations. The aim is to give back as many enhancements as possible to the original bgperf by NTT OSRG.

The enhancements include:

  • a more modular way of processing arguments from the commandline
  • better metrics collection (variable interval, more data)
  • new drop-in replacement for GoBGP ‘monitor’ implementation using BIRD.
  • the action sequencer to wait until convergent and introduce dynamic changes (see UML diagram in /docs)
  • selective CPU allocation for all containers (with cpusets)
  • support for remote testers in another network (e.g. when you have own tester implementation in your lab)
  • support of custom config file for BIRD target (e.g. config produced by IXP toolchain)
  • add header to csv output and more metrics when using BIRD based monitor + some tweaks.
  • system-specific configuration in
  • new commandline options for most features
  • full scenario.yaml support for most features

More details on: